Why Recycle?

 There are various elements within a computer that are environmentally toxic, such as mercury, lead and arsenic... Colorado Law prohibits the improper disposal of electronic equipment in landfills.


On-Site Recycling

We will send Two-Men with a Truck anywhere in the Denver Metro Area, to pick-up as much equipment as you have, for $129.00. 

Per-item, per-pound and data destruction charges, as shown below, are in addition to the base price.

Why Does Electronic Recycling Cost Money?

7/15/19 - Countries in the Far East, including China and their neighbors, have started closing their borders to the importation of Recyclable Materials & Trash from the West; ports in Southeast Asia are turning away Container Ships full of trash and “recyclable plastic”, sending the ships back to their home countries.  Unfortunately for us, this means that more of the material may need to be sent directly to landfills in the United States or stored until the electronic recycling market for computers and related equipment opens up.